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What is 4G and Do I Need it?

In short, 4G is the fourth generation of mobile phone wireless communication. The 4th generation of mobile phone communication has evolved to provide ‘mobile ultra broadband’ Internet access, primarily to smartphones and laptops via a mobile broadband dongle. The long and short of it is, as consumer demand for data...
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New 3 Mobile Tariffs Update

Three have just released their new tariff plans: Ultimate & Essential Ultimate – All you can eat data Three’s Ultimate Internet plans – have all-you-can-eat data included and are designed for people who don’t want to know or understand a gigabyte from a megabyte, or worry about how much they...
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The iPhone 5 and what we can expect

It seems as if speculation around the next Apple product never ends; the latest product subject to the active and momentous Apple rumor mill is the company’s next-generation iPhone, widely dubbed the “iPhone 5.” Though the company is less than six months into the product cycle of its latest official...
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