Free Sim Cards

Most of the major netowrks are currently giving away free pay as you go Sim cards delivered straight to your door and ready to use. The idea is that by giving you the free SIM you will choose their network for your top ups, but there is no obligation to use the SIM card, and it can be very handy for receiving calls, if one of your friends is on the different network to you are currently. Cross network calls can cost a fortune, but if you graba free sim then this won’t be a problem.

The networks are also offering free gifts with free sim cards to entice you in, such as extra credit, hundreds of free text or more free minutes. These are all based on your topping up but could save you in the long run. In most cases the more you top up, the more you will get from you free sim card. Another added bonus from Orange, is there offer of 2-for-1 tickets as part of Orange wednesdays. To take advantage of this all you need is an active Orange sim to be able to text to purchase the cut price tickets.

Have a look below to check out the best free sim card deals at the moment. Remember, you just have to add your name and address, no strings.

Top Free Sim Card Deals

Vodafone – Get a Pay as you go data-only free SIM for your 3G iPad or tablet. Top up £5 and get 250MB web for up to 30 days.

Orange – with £5 free credit

O2 – Free unlimited calls and texts to anyone on O2 when you top up £15 a month

T-Mobile Free Sim

3 Free Sim

Tesco Free Sim Cards