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About Vodafone

Since making the first mobile phone call in January 1985, Vodafone has gone from strength to strength. The Vodafone network offers excellet UK coverage for calls, texts and mobile broadbband. The Vodafone network was buult so that signals from their masts overlap each other meaning you get fwer dropped calls and better coverage for mobile broadband.

Vodafone's 3G signal is also one of the best however some areas may suffer from a weak home signal, this is where Vodafone Sure Signal comes in. No bigger than a router, Sure Signal connects to a home broadband connection and boots the 3G mobile signal around the house. You do have to pay for this but if you are living in an area with poor coverage on all mobile networks then this could be a great option.

Phone-wise, Vodafone offer a great range of handsets including the Apple iPhone range, HTC range, Samsung Galaxy and Blackberry. They also offer cheaper handsets that keep the monthly contract costs lower.