Windows Phone 8 Launch Operating System Launch

Windows 8 LaunchMicrosoft is planning an official Windows Phone 8 launch event in San Fransisco or Los Angeles on October 29, with the first Windows Phone 8 devices expected to be available in stores a few weeks later, in the US at least.

Windows Phone 8 will be a significant update for Microsoft’s current Windows Phone 7 operating system. There is rumored to be a new start screen with space for more Live Tiles. Security will be beefed up, there will be new features for the built in camera and will further suppoert digital wallet services, such as loyalty cards and gift certificates. The Operating System will also support a wider range of hardware, including dual-core processors, 720p displays and removable storage.

At the moment it is only Samsung that confirmed they are to launch a Windows Phone 8 handset, the Ativ S, but Nokia is rumored to be announcing their plans in September. HTC and Huawei are also expected to release smartphones for the new operating system.

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